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Michelle Williams

With over 20 years of experience, Michelle is a former union coordinator that was promoted through the ranks as a fierce advocate for union members. Her experience spans from managing union election campaigns, bargaining professional and hourly staff contracts, filing labor charges, training local executive leaders on how to manage their roles as executive labor leaders, managing trusteed locals through sanctioned activity, and managing state and regional territory union campaigns. Michelle received her Bachelors degree from DePaul University in Organizational Development, her Masters degree in Human Performance and Training/Instructional Design and is a curriculum designer that specializes in building online

learning platforms to train managers and leaders. Ms. Williams has culminated her education experience with the completion of her Doctoral degree in Non-Profit Social Entrepreneurship and is in the dissertation phase of degree. She has invested her education and professional experience to create a model that supports local government leaders, nonprofit executive teams, and union/nonunion companies to serve and support communities with high social determinant barriers. Her expertise includes Organizational Behavior, Instructional Design, Leadership Development, Labor Relations with Contract Bargaining, Campaign Management, and Internal Operations for Management Support.

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Angela Wiggins, CPA

Angela is a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience and known by many as “The Tax Angel”. She specializes in corporate and government tax representation, contract costing, and serves as a senior financial officer to organizations through retainer. A seasoned auditor that is noted for defending taxpayer rights, teaching corporations how to win the tax game and showing her clients how to audit proof themselves while maintaining legal compliance. Her and her husband are often found on the golf course for leisure and teaching others how to craft their skills on the course.

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Attorney Tyiase Hasan, Esq

Attorney Hasan is a Chicago native and former electrical engineer; and a graduate of The John Marshall Law School. As a civil litigator, Attorney Hasan has the right mix of toughness, smarts, and fairness to satisfy his clients; and uphold the integrity of the practice of law. On the side of transactions, Attorney Hasan offers a combination of business insight and legal guidance to assist you with making the right decisions for your workplace legal matters.

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Angelia Mack, CNP

Angelia is a certified nurse practitioner with experience in family practice and urgent care providing care to all age groups across the lifespan. She has 35 years of nursing experience in various areas such as chronic disease management, pediatrics, general surgery, critical care, psychiatric services, and emergency room care. She is well-versed in long-term care and community clinic settings, working with diverse medical teams, government-funded programs, hospital, and nursing care systems, and training nursing staff to improve patient outcomes.

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Cynthia Standley

Cynthia is ASF’s resident expert on all things tech, software, administrative, and design. With an accounting background, she is our go to person for all things Excel and formulary for macro developments. A “Jane of All Trades” with a heart of gold and a “can do” attitude is our special gem, Cynthia.

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