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As a Certified, Woman, Minority-Owned Vendor (W/MBE), We organize, coordinate, manage, and apprentice municipal faith-based wrap-around service support groups to provide advocacy, case coordination, planning, facilitation, linkages, and referrals for service to clients in accordance with funding requirements and agency policy. Some of our specialties in this area include:


  • Program Data and Community Outreach Support for Client Social Services 

  • Scatter Site Client Enrollment and Coordination for Psychosocial Support Services


How do we mobilize faith if we are not a faith-based or denominational organization? We strengthen communities by building on it's most secure resource asset.


We organize and apprentice local faith-based organizations to collectively provide psychosocial, wrap-around support as a public service extension to locally meet public health challenges that hinder families from effectively going to work.

Our apprenticeable program offers educational options that include Community Health Workers, and fields related to Community Health and Social Work. 

Through our Annual Resource Allocation On-Demand model, we identify specific needs that have underline social determinant issues and coordinate local wrap-around, psychosocial service support to families in need through program coordination and operational management support to manage logic model outputs. Our program serves local governments by providing regular public support to regularly address client needs. This includes Interventions such as intensive case management, home visits, collateral phone calls, and documentation in required databases in a timely manner.

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