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Housing is the best Medicine: Supportive Housing and the Social Determinants of Health

Every day doctors in America provide treatment to some of our sickest patients who live in shelters, institutional settings or

unsafe housing. These patients often lack access to basic needs like transportation, nutritious food, heat, a steady income

and social supports. Medicine and medical interventions alone will never resolve the complexity of issues that these patients

face. Most will return to the clinic or hospital, again and again, with more serious and expensive problems. This reality is

not lost on our strained health systems or physicians. However, until very recently, providers lacked the organizational

framework, capacity and incentives to address the underlying causes of patients’ poor health. With the recent

implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the rise of Accountable Care Organizations and the general shift towards

more integrated and holistic models of care, the health system is broadening their practices and investments outside the

clinical setting to change the tide of health and health care costs in this country.

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Housing Is the Best Medicine
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