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6 Point Phase System

Development & Support Service Model




Our program works with you to determine the Internal Structure and Development Need for an an appropriate community outreach development system. With an analysis of your structural capacity, internal and community resource assessment, direction for action  is able to happen with identified support measures and structure.

Program Viability Analysis 

Local Social Needs Assessment

Faith Based Organization Visionary Objective Analysis (survey & Interview)


This analysis will extract and explore the vision of the leader to identify specific areas of development. This will allow measurable objectives based on clear vision and organization goals.

Our program works with community leaders, owners and activists to understand the layers of viability within your program’s locale, municipality and state. Decision making policy structures have an effect on resources such as State supported colleges and universities, , mental health care clinic closures, community policing programs and community enrichment. Although the programs may not exist, the research to determine the pool of operational funds and the ability to address community needs is worth analysis and discussion. Developing a viable plan based on specific information allows for targeted outreach and appropriate support options.

Volunteer Resource Management system

Program Development Via partnership or development







Because of our commitment to continuing education and professional development support, we provide evidenced based learning opportunities that are able to be applied to your level of strategic development right away. Our support services and focused learning series training are here to provide your team with the tools that you need to move forward to lead your community.



Although our program focuses on organization structure as a foundation to advanced development, the people involved in the program make up the agency. We understand that structure and agency work hand in hand to make any system move forward and the management of that system requires development within a conceptual phase to design program mission, vision goals; strategic phase to develop a viable strategic plan and system to meet each point in the concept.  These building blocks within the system allow for appropriate communication strategies for support level resource staff to complete the job function of community outreach within a system with ease.

Action Plan, Execution Mobilization and Evaluation

This phase assists leaders through the development of an action plan with measurable objectives and benchmarks that determine the impact and need for growth. This allows  appropriate direction for program outreach viability  to effectively reach a targeted population for service and growth.

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