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We assist nonprofit/social service organizations that have a service mission to provide psychological and social continuum of care wrap-around support services to their client base.


The organizations that we serve need program coordination and operational management support to manage logic model outputs that support their clients in healthy living outcomes that enable them to successfully transition to work.

​Our program assists clients that provide wrap-around support services to scattered-site, project-based supportive housing programs, and community-based mental health service programs using our annual resource on-demand service model. Program needs may range from mental health, cognitive and behavioral support,, and psychological service assessment plans. We can help.

We coordinate and support your supportive housing team to assist families in developing skills to articulate their own self-sufficiency goals and find their own paths to achieve them. We coordinate and assist your supportive housing team to assist families in developing strategies to achieve self-sufficiency and promote their children’s health and success.


Some of our specialties in this area include:

  • Program Data and Community Outreach Support for Client Social Services 

  • Scatter Site Client Enrollment and Coordination for Psychosocial Support Services

​When we coordinate programs for our clients to meet their service needs, they benefit from structure and support to their supportive housing team. This model ensures the delivery of effective services that will engage and help families shift their perspectives and discover different solutions to the challenges they face. This is done by intensive case management, supportive therapy, consistent follow-up, and utilizing an understanding of stages of change for a harm reduction approach.  


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