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The student internship program is designed to provide learning opportunities in various levels of A Secure Foundation’s operational structure. Although there are several areas to get involved for an amazing learning experience, the student intern program is designed with  “in-house”activities within the daily office schedule.  The criteria for the student intern is the following:


  • Must be a student in a college level program

  • Must be in good standing with the school

  • Must have reliable transportation and be dependable for a regular schedule

  • Must have the following recommendations letters: Two (2) personal letters and Two (2) letters from previous academic professors; ideally from the previous academic term.

  • One personal statement that explains your professional goals, interests and the area of interest you desire to learn in based on our organization’s mission and operational information. The personal statement should be two (2) pages in length, typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font and double spaced.

  • Must submit a resume

  • The statement should have a cover page that includes your name, College/University, Academic Term and your contact information.


The Field Representative Apprentice maintains a regular working relationship with their membership group and works with each in their territory to provide development assistance that are in line with ASF’s strategic plan and goals. The criteria for a Field Representative Apprentice is the following:


  • Must have own reliable transportation

  • Must be able to facilitate trainings

  • Must be trainable

  • Must be dependable

  • Must be willing to work irregular hours

  • Must be self-directed and a self-starter

  • Must be able to teach, encourage and develop leaders using a plan and communication strategy

  • Must be able to organize data

  • Must be able to work independently

  • Must be open to correction and development

  • Must be consistent

  • Must be able to manage a territory

  • Must operate within a high moral character and demonstrate integrity of character

The Service Associate provides training, coaching and development services in our regularly scheduled calendar, to clients and membership by using their level of expertise, knowledge and skill base to assist in a facilitated learning and coaching system. The criteria for the Service Associate is the following:


  • Must be registered as a Business, Faith Based Organization, Registered with the County or the State to do business

  • Must submit a resume and personal bio (if you need assistance in a biographical format, please contact us and we will send you a template for use to complete application)

  • Must provide a list of products and/or services that you (your business) provides to clients

  • Must be available to train on service points that you are knowledgeable in, have experience and can provide coaching services in.

  • Must provide a personal statement of what you desire to gain from the organization, why you support the mission and why you would like to connect your leadership goals to distressed communities through our program.




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