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"Training, Development & support services for faith based organizations and Small Businesses to Revitalize & Develop Community outreach programs to impact your local community."






A Secure Foundation provides a knowledge base by having a regular calendar of training that is relevant to what our leaders are facing in areas conceptual, strategic and operational management. At the end of each class we facilitate the development of an action plan that is topic relevant to move the leader forward.


We provide coaching and development services to assist leaders in each phase of development by analyzing the client’s individual site information and demographic information.  


Our services provide the necessary development assistance to plan, structure and develop a community outreach program to reach the disparity need within your five-block local radius by defining specific milestones and benchmarks to reach leadership and management goals.


Our services provide measurable factors of development and mobilization through our program that define specific milestones and benchmarks to reach leadership and management goals.

Training & Support Service Areas

Development Coaching services
Regualr Training Calaenar
Administrative Design and Dev. Services
Contracting Network for specialized service needs

The Field Representative Apprentice maintains a regular working relationship with their membership group and works with each in their territory to provide development assistance that are in line with ASF’s strategic plan and goals.

Our training and events calendar will give you a brief snapshot of our learning opportunities for the month. Our calendar includes orientation processing meetings for new representatives, trainings on ASF resource and planning tools and community outreach program tools  for leadership planning and support. As you look into something that interests you, click the class to get more detail and follow the link to register.

At the Activist membership level, we support individuals who desire to have community outreach programs but lack the structural capacity.

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