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The mission of A Secure Foundation is to develop Faith Based Organizations, Small Businesses and Community Activist that are in active pursuit of making an impact in distressed communities for the purpose of revitalization and social change. The overall vision of the organization is to connect community leaders nationwide through membership and use research methods in partnership with higher education institutions to understand how systemic disparities can be addressed with public policy and legislation.


Our foundational level of support begins with providing  regular training and support to leaders that desire to learn how they are able to connect outreach programs with their current resources. These trainings are relevant to what our leaders are facing in areas of conceptual, strategic and operational management. At the end of each class we facilitate the development of an action plan that is topic relevant to move the leader forward.


We provide coaching and development services to assist leaders in each phase of development by analyzing the client’s individual site information and demographic information.  


Our services provide the necessary development assistance to plan, structure and develop a community outreach program to reach the disparity need within your five-block local radius by defining specific milestones and benchmarks to reach leadership and management goals.

Our development tools have been tested and proven within national and international labor union campaigns and organizational structures. As residents and practitioners in your area, we are connecting agents to affect change, and A Secure Foundation is here to support you. Take a look at our membership plans, representative levels and ways to get involved through sponsorship or simply attending one of our regular trainings so that we can begin the necessary work that our neighborhoods desperately need. We look forward to working together with you.

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