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About Us

We specialize in administrative methods that support Social Welfare Coordination and Employment Relations.

Finding ways to provide equity to enable families to lead healthy and financially secure lives can be daunting. These are the everyday complex challenges that our client markets face when they are charged with caring for and supporting families in need. It requires coordinated solutions that we specialize in. We provide our clients with direct administrative, hands-on support that extends client service capability. Our dedicated agency of professionals are ready to provide the Secure Foundation that you need to help your organization reach its growth and capacity needs.


Our mission is to provide community engagement and workforce development solutions through coordinated stakeholder services that are focused on supporting local communities with special, vulnerable, and at-risk populations for the expansion of public service capability and building socio-civic equity to increase workforce capacity.

Our vision is to provide Annual Resource Allocation On-Demand Services that focus on the social and human service needs that intersect with social health determinants and workforce barriers.

We serve Government Agencies, Union and Non-Union Employers, and Nonprofit/Social Service Organizations to assist in specific challenges that come with identifying socio-economic and public health social determinants that challenge effective work cycles.


Our Model Services Clients in Three Different Ways

Union and Non-Union Companies

We provide ongoing, annual, labor-management, and employee relations services to union and non-union companies to address the immediate needs of the workforce asset.

Nonprofit/Social Service Organizations

We assist nonprofit/social service organizations that have a service mission to provide psychological and social continuum of care wrap-around support services to their client base. The organizations that we serve need program coordination and operational management support to manage logic model outputs that support their clients in healthy living outcomes that enable them to successfully transition to work.

State and Local Government Agencies

We organize, equip, and apprentice local faith-based organizations to collectively provide community and public health wrap-around support as a public service extension to locally meet public health challenges that hinder families from effectively being employed.

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